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"Shadow: Empower Your Community with Dynamic and Exclusive Dark Theme"

Shadow is a great option for any private or public community and website, fully compatible with Invision Community v4.7.x official plugins. This theme is not only game-based but also stands out with its creative design and transparent approach, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Although it has advanced features, Shadow contains all the structures that should be included in the core structure. You can use functional features as standard and start using your site immediately without dealing with complex theme settings.

Thanks to full admin control, it offers an experience that will satisfy all your members. You just determine the atmosphere you want to create; Shadow community theme will do the rest with ease. Discover Shadow for a bright and authentic community experience!

General features:

Various Navigation Menu Options: Shadow offers two different navigation menu types, Default and Horizontal Scroll, according to administrators' preference, so administrators can personalize their sites.

Sticky Navigation and Header: It offers users a comfortable navigation with its sticky navigation and sticky header features.

Visual Richness: Personalize your site with five different background image options and welcome users with an impressive experience.

Flexible Page Structure: Thanks to the feature of changing the page width, Shadow offers the option to use it according to your visitors' preferences.

Forum Layout Diversity: Create a structure that suits the needs of your community with three different forum layout options: Default, Classic and Dual Column.

Protected Category: You can show your private areas to certain user groups and provide a visual structure to user groups that do not have access permission.

Fixed and Normal Topic Separation: Highlight prominent topics. Shadow separates fixed and normal topics, allowing users to access content more easily.

Advanced Footer Structure: Provide enriched information with a useful footer structure at the bottom of your site.

Special Author Panel: Offer users a different experience with the author panel in the message areas.

And with many more features, Shadow offers a flexible solution to fit your community's needs. Customize your community and create an unforgettable experience with this theme packed with great features.


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