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Discover Our Brand New Image Viewing Experience: Meet PhotoSwipe!

Discover Our Brand New Image Viewing Experience: Meet PhotoSwipe!


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Hello everyone,

Today, we want to share an exciting development with you! With the update we've implemented on our website, viewing product images on the Store and Downloads pages has become much more enjoyable and user-friendly. Instead of IPS's standard Lightbox feature, we have started using PhotoSwipe, a more advanced and user-friendly option.



Why PhotoSwipe?
First and foremost, it's important to mention that the built-in Lightbox feature of IPS was somewhat insufficient in certain cases. To enhance the user experience further and provide you with a higher quality image viewing experience, we made this change. PhotoSwipe is entirely open-source and offers many features comparable to the paid alternatives like fancybox.

PhotoSwipe Features
Fast and Smooth Transitions: PhotoSwipe enables fast and smooth transitions between images, allowing you to examine products in more detail.

Zooming and Dragging: You can zoom in on images and drag them around, making it easy to see every detail.

Fullscreen Mode: With PhotoSwipe, you can view images in fullscreen mode, providing a larger display area.

PhotoSwipe Usage and License
Using PhotoSwipe is straightforward. Additionally, it comes with an MIT license, allowing free usage for personal or commercial projects. This means you can freely use and distribute it in your projects. For more information and to explore the details of PhotoSwipe, you can visit the PhotoSwipe Official Website.

With this update, we will continue working to offer you a better experience. Feel free to reach out through the relevant sections of our forum for any feedback or questions.

Remember, your satisfaction is our top priority!

Best regards,
IPSTheme Team

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