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IPSTheme Back Online!

IPSTheme Back Online!


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IPSTheme is the product of an adventure that began in 2010. In this article, we will delve into the history and development of IPSTheme.

Our journey with IPS commenced in 2010. During that time, IPS (Invision Power Services) was on the rise as one of the most effective software solutions for online communities and forums. We immediately recognized the potential of this software platform and decided to join this adventure.

Initially, we started developing various designs on IPS. This allowed us to enhance the functionality of the platform, ultimately improving the user experience. Our focus was on continually adding new features and updating designs to better cater to the users' needs.

Transition from IPSMake.com to IPSTheme.com

We reached a turning point in our journey when we unfortunately lost the IPSMake.com domain. However, every challenge presents a new opportunity. Our new address became https://ipstheme.com/, and this change further strengthened IPSTheme.

IPSTheme has been a platform known for producing outstanding designs for online communities since 2010. In each of our designs, we employ creativity to breathe life into websites with extraordinary and eye-catching features. We continuously develop new ideas and approaches to grab users' attention and make their websites unique.

Expanding Vision with XenForo

Our work extends not only to IPS but also to the XenForo platform. Our experience in XenForo designs and plugins has allowed us to actively contribute to the development of this platform as well. By developing both plugins and designs for the XenForo community, we aim to reach a broader audience and provide support for these two essential software platforms.

Excitement for the Future

At IPSTheme, we are committed to continuing to create extraordinary designs and impressive solutions in the future. We will always make an effort to understand and meet the needs of our users. If you would like to join the IPSTheme family and be a part of this exciting adventure, you can register on our website.


Our IPS Official Support Website

IPSTheme: https://ipstheme.com/

Our XenForo Official Support Website
XenTR.Net: https://xentr.net/

XenForo Official Website
XenForo Designs: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/authors/osman.87294/

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