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Introducing Invision Community's "Vision" Theme

Introducing Invision Community's "Vision" Theme


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"Vision" - Customize Your Website, Create an Impressive Experience

Introduction: Invision Community's latest theme, "Vision," offers you a tool to completely personalize your website and achieve the perfect color harmony. "Vision" is not just a theme; it's a full-fledged experience that empowers site administrators and members in more ways than one.

Theme Customizer:

User-Friendly and Flexible: The "Vision" theme allows visitors and members to fine-tune their websites just the way they want through a special theme customizer. Page width, color options, and even sidebar position can be easily adjusted to your preferences.

Color Choices: "Vision" provides five different color options, allowing you to fully customize the look of your site. Visitors and members can choose the color that suits their style.

Sticky Sidebar: The sidebar is now more user-friendly than ever. Whether it's open or closed, or positioned differently, you can adjust it according to your needs.

Forum Structure:

Quick Touch: "Vision" empowers site administrators to make announcements using visually rich block areas. Keeping your homepage dynamic has never been easier.

Category View: Each category is made more captivating with unique color tones and attractive display options. With category-specific colors, your site becomes visually striking.

Category Statistics: Under each category, you can see forum and sub-forum counts, making it easy for site visitors to quickly find topics of interest.

Action Buttons: You can open topics in forums or view recently discussed activities directly from the homepage. Navigation is now smoother and quicker for your users.

Advanced Footer: Administrators can add a personal touch to their sites with a custom footer. Adding the content you desire and further customizing your site is now possible.

Topic Areas and Author Block: Topics and authors are made more prominent. Users can easily access more information about relevant authors.

Author Statistics: Detailed author statistics are displayed on discussion pages, allowing users to better track contributions.


The "Vision" theme is a revolution for Invision Community users. With flexible customization options, quick touch areas, and a user-friendly interface, you can create a visually captivating website. Personalize your website with the "Vision" theme and enchant your visitors!



This design will be ready for sale soon. 😉

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The design is now available for sale on our store page. Enjoy.


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